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Heating Oil Tank Removal A leaking heating oil tank can cause several serious problems for the owner and others. It can: • contaminate the soil on the property and adjacent properties, • contaminate of goundwater, which may serve as drinking water, • contamination of surface water, • vapor accumulation under or in nearby buildings, • collapse of old or unused underground heating oil tanks causing sinkholes. Delaying the clean up of any contamination may allow contaminants to spread, potentially increasing clean up costs. It's usually in the best interest of the owner to remove or decommission an unused home heating oil tank as soon as possible. We can: • Complete underground tank removal • Complete above ground tank removal • Complete basement tank removal cannot be performed, clean and fill tank per MDEQ standards • Fill tank in place if excavation • Dispose of tanks • Backfill • Test soil • Remove contaminated soil • Prepare paperwork for sale of homes after performing removals or fills and clean ups.
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